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Qualisys®SpectroQuest is capable of acquiring, classifying, analyzing and distributing information about chemical or spectral analyses of different materials (e.g. steel) to carry out quality control and assurance of your products. Qualisys®SpectroQuest is composed of a series of modules designed in a flexible and extensible architecture, which can be adapted to satisfy your specific requirements.





Qualisys®SpectroCapture is the module that works in connection with your chemical or spectral analysis device, obtaining the composition of each analyzed sample. Utilizing classification rules that you can configure, SpectroCapture determines how to classify each sample, and then stores it in a central database.

Qualisys®SpectroOnLine is the module that enables real-time monitoring of the analysis information in a distributed way, that is to say, throughout the whole plant. As soon as a sample enters the central database, every SpectroOnLine workstation receives and displays the information, detailing composition, classification and further data from each sample. In this way your staff will immediately know the characteristics and quality of each sample in order to act and correct quickly the production process, which means important savings, and higher quality.

From any workstation with the SpectroTrend module installed, you will be able to obtain historical and statistical information reports about the analyzed samples and this means you will be able to control and improve both quality and production processes. Using this analysis tool, you will obtain information regarding the distribution of the classifications (amount of samples of each different type), production quality (contrasting the expected classification with the actual classification) according to the sample composition (average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation for each component). Also, evolution graphs of samples’ composition and several other reports. This module can be extended to satisfy your most specific information requirements.

Lastly, the OPC Server module exports the sample composition and classification data using theOPC industrial communication standard to allow other industrial and management applications to access the data from your analyzers and the sample classification data.







  Using Qualisys®SpectroQuest, you will be able to:

·         Monitor in real-time samples’ composition and classification, anywhere within the plant, precociously detecting and correcting quality problems and thus avoiding massive losses.

·         Obtain historical and statistical reports that will help understand not only the evolution and current situation of the production but also the composition of the materials and to what extent are you complying with your production objectives (expected quality against real quality). This enables you to make cleverer decisions to augment quality resulting in client satisfaction and assuring your competitiveness in the marketplace.

·         Automatically classify samples using rules configured by yourself and tailored to your industrial plant.

·         Acquire data from any analyzer, especially from spectrometers, and make it available for other applications via widely-known standard protocols.

·         Maintain a historical register of the characteristics and quality of your production that can be queried at any time.


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SpectroQuest has been used for more than five years in steel production industries that use ARL spectrometers . The incorporation of this system has resulted not only in a considerable augment of the steel quality, but also in the prevention of major losses due to low-quality steel, and also client satisfaction. The data analysis tools enabled them to analyze the production history and make more precise planning and estimation for future periods. Our team has highly qualified engineers, especially experienced in the steelworks industry.



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