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Qualisys®PyroQuest is a system that monitors temperature in industrial furnaces, making possible the quality control and eventual augment. PyroQuest works with temperature sensors installed in furnaces, distributing the data throughout the whole industrial plant, enabling its real-time monitoring, historical and statistical analyses and integration with other applications. The system was designed with a flexible architecture that can be adapted to your requirements.




Qualisys®PyroCapture is the module in charge of the temperature data acquisition from temperature sensors and its storage in a centralized historical database. The other modules access this database to carry out their functions.

Qualisys®PyroOnLine displays in real-time and anywhere within the plant, the acquired temperature data. It is possible to configure the displays to show data in different colors according to their value or the time since the last datum was taken. Besides, it displays the data from the last few days, and it updates this info automatically while new data are received.

PyroOnLine is the right tool for early correction of the temperature and early detection of malfunctions, , to achieve the exact temperature required by your production process.

Qualisys®PyroTrend displays in every workstation, the information acquired by Qualisys®PyroCapture. It provides you with the necessary functionalities to carry out statistical and historical analyses, produce evolution graphs and print reports. It also enables you to define data subsets using filters on the data set and carry out analyses of that subset. For instance, calculate the maximum temperature obtained during last month, and the date and time in which such datum was taken. PyroTrend is the right tool to analyze temperature trends, to draw conclusions that will enable you to optimize your processes and augment the quality of your products. It is also a highly flexible tool, able to adapt itself to provide you with specific reports and also export reports in different formats.
Qualisys®PyroQuest includes an OPC server that enables other applications to access its data via the OPC industrial standard and it can be adapted to carry out the calculations you need on the data you wish to export. It can also be extended to support other industrial communication protocols.





Using Qualisys®PyroQuest you will be able to:

•    Monitor in a real-time application and anywhere within the plant the temperature of your furnaces, to correct deviations quickly and therefore achieve a greater quality.
•    Obtain historical and statistical graphs and reports that assist the quality control, from anywhere within the plant.
•    Acquire data from the sensors installed in furnaces.
•    Make the temperature data available to other control applications using an OPC server.

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Qualisys®PyroQuest has been installed in blast furnaces for steel melting, using high-temperature pyrometers. The implementation of this system has achieved a considerable quality augment and a precocious detection of low temperatures resulting in bad-quality melting, and in this way avoiding major losses. 



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