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Qualisys Software and Technologies offers OPC servers that can fit your specific needs and that can solve communication problems when dealing with sensitive information.

Incorporating OPC server technology already developed by Qualisys®, your customized OPC server can acquire data from several sources:

  • Modbus devices (PLC)

  • Databases

  • DDE (e.g.: spreadsheets)

  • Sequential files.

  • XML files.

  • TCP servers

  • Industrial devices with serial/parallel interface.

The exportation can be configured to make a mixture of sources and carry out calculations before exporting the data through OPC. E.g.: Obtain successive data of the production of a certain machine frem a database, calculate the amount of products made per minute and then export that number.

All the information the OPC server acquires will be integrated and made available through the OPC standard for its later use with an OPC client.

The customized OPC servers have a configuration panel in which the data source is specified. The configuration and start-up procedure of the OPC server on DCOM is thoroughly carried out by Qualisys. Below are a some images of the configuration panel and the system working:




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