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Drivers & Connectors
Our drivers and connectors will provide you with the neccesary means to interconect and access devices and systems in your plant that are not usually compatible. Our drivers enable the access to a wide range of data sources to later make those data available in the protocol or format you may need.

These systems were designed making especial emphasis on their robustness and fail tolerance: they have been designed to work constantly without user attention, automatically recovering from any fail - network trouble, data source availaility - to provide greater data availability. Besides, these tools have a flexible architecture, making them extensible to other protocols and formats to satisfy specific needs.

Using our products you will obtain great robustness to maintain your plant systems working non-stop, more technical support and advice, and at very competitive prices.

OPC Servers linea.jpg

Qualisys Software & Technologies has created OPC servers that adapt to your specific needs and are capable of solving communication problems regarding sensitive information in your plant or industrial site.

Incorporating already-developed OPC server technologies, your personalized OPC server can take data from several sources such as modbus devices, databases, etc.

Qualisys® OPC servers enable data distribution from machines, files or other sources, to the whole industrial site, and even to other branches.

More information.

Qualisys® Capture linea.jpg

Qualisys® Capture is a real-time information acquisition tool capable of acquiring data from various sources. Designed to enable integration between heterogeneous systems, this application allows exporting data using a range of formats and protocols. From a formal specification of input and output formats, Qualisys® Capture is capable of starting the information flow between the systems, in real-time and with high availability and tolerance to failure. Main applications:


Information sources
  • Real-time plant information
  • Distributed devices
  • Alarms and facility monitoring
  • Sensors, production measuring devices
  • Security devices
  • Distributed and heterogeneous applications
  • Remote Databases
 Information destinations
  • Local, external and distributed applications
  • multi-tier and web applications
  • Local and distributed databases
  • SOA Architectures
  • Specific net protocols
  • Text files / log

 Formats - protocols - standards (data source and destination)
  • Web services
  • SQL
  • OPC
  • SNMP
  • Modbus
  • DDE
  • CSV and text formats
  • Specific network protocols - TCP/IP – UDP – NetBios - IPX/SPX
  • Real-time and industrial network protocols
  • Extensible architecture that allows incorporating new formats and standards

Modbus DDE Serverlinea.jpg

This tool will enable you to access your modbus devices, defining the devices and registries you wish to read, to make those data available throug DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange).

This driver works with all modbus variants: Modbus ASCII or RTU serial and Modbus/TCP. This software permits the configuration of the sampling rate of each device, which register to read from each device, and establish which bits of each registry must be taken to compose the output datum.

These data are made available to any standard DDE client including Microsoft®Excel and many other industrial control systems - making this tool a highly flexible and configurable one.


DB OPC Serverlinea.jpg

This server makes available the data from a data base via OPC (OLE for process control) with a highly flexible and robust tool.

Once the data origin has been configured (database connection) and the exporting fields specified, you will be able to access data from your database using any standard OPC client.

Currently, this driver is configurable to acquire data from MySQL and MSSQL (Microsofts SQL Server) databases.


DDE OPC Serverlinea.jpg

This tool makes possible the data acquisition of any amount of DDE items (Dynamic Data Exchange) from any standard DDE server - including Microsoft®Excel, Wonderware®InTouch, Wonderware®InControl and many others - and export those data via OPC, making them available to any OPC (OLE for process control) client. This higly flexible and robust driver will enable you to integrate your industrial data acquisition applications using OPC with applications that make their data available using DDE technology.



DDE to OPC.png