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 Qualisys®FactoryMetrics is the system that will allow you to measure the performance of your plant machinery, providing the information you need to optimize your processes and obtain new productivity levels. This systems works in connection with your production equipment, measuring stop time and production volumes of each of them, and storing those data in a centralized historical database. The data analysis tools will provide you with varied reports and graphs about the usage and productivity of your machines, working shifts and workers.

Besides creating a historical register of machine stops (periods in which they are not working) Qualisys®FactoryMetrics is capable of calculating the usage time percentage of each machine presenting the information in the form of reports and graphs so that you can clearly visualize the evolution. A further advantage of this system is that it associates each stop with the cause that generated it, and using this information it creates reports that indicate which are the most frequent stop causes and to what extent does each cause hinders the production. Regarding production information, Qualisys®FactoryMetrics elaborates reports and graphs about the production of each machine and each product.

All these reports are presented using the stop causes, products, units of measurement and working shifts schedules that you define. You will be able to obtain reports about any moment of the system’s history, that will enable you to relate usage information, production and working shifts schedules to optimize your processes and achieve high ROI.

In each machine, a PLC acquires data regarding the state of the machine and its production. The data acquisition module, Qualisys®FactoryCapture, communicates with the PLCs in every machine and receives the state of the machine, its production volume and, if applicable, the cause of each stop indicated by the machine operator. This module applies the rules defined by your company to decide when an stop should be registered, how to establish the working shifts` rotation, etc. Lastly, it stores in a centralized historical database all the stop and production data.


The historical and statistical data analysis module, Qualisys®FactoryTrend, will provide you with a wide variety of usage reports, the main stops, fail causes, production of each machine and each product. These reports will present information according to a range of options, for instance, time restrictions to present daily, weekly or monthly reports, or according to a particular schedule or working shift, in this way enabling you to get to know and analyze your production deeply and find optimization opportunities. Qualisys®FactoryTrend is a flexible tool, that can be extended to satisfy specific needs.
This software package includes an OPC Server that allows other applications to access the data using the OPC Industrial communication standard. This server can be extended and adapted to make the information available to other applications according to your needs; the system can also be extended to work with other standards and protocols.
It has been designed with a flexible architecture that can be extended to suit to your company’s particular needs, adapting the existing modules or creating new ones. It was developed with robustness in mind, prepared to work constantly and without the user’s attention, and using error auto-recovery mechanisms that will keep you always online.


Qualisys®FactoryMetrics is a complete solution for productivity management, which you will be able to use with any machine you wish to know its production volumes, usage time, or both. FactoryMetrics will provide you with the information you need to optimize your production processes.






  Using Qualisys®FactoryMetrics, you will be able to:

•    Know the main stop causes in your industrial plant, and how much stop time does each of them makes you waste in order to identify where to focus your efforts.

•    Know the total and the percentage of the machinery usage time, measure stop times and working times of each machine.

•    Know the production in any time period, day, week, month, year or working shift.

•    Count with a historical register of all stops and production of your machines.

•    Make all the information regarding usage and production available to other applications used in your company.

•    Relate information about usage, productivity and working shifts to find optimization opportunities of your processes that will enable you to make your company more competitive.


Market tested



Qualisys®FactoryMetrics has been used with machines that work together in the production of electrically welded mesh in the steelworks industry. The implementation of this system has revealed important improvement and optimization opportunities, besides real and exact data regarding usage percentage of each machine. The immediate feedback to the staff has risen their motivation, competitiveness and productivity. Our team has highly qualified engineers, especially experimented in the steelworks industry.



    FactoryMetrics ha sido apoyado con financiamiento parcial de la Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación y es patrocinado por la Cámara de Industrias del Uruguay.



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